Who am I?

PJay alias Pascal Moll is an Urban DJ, born 1995 in Starrkirch-Wil (Olten), Switzerland.

His passion to Hip-Hop music started at the age of 12. Since then, a lot in his life has changed, but Music was always a part of it.

The concept of his performances is rather ''easy". PJay tries to combine old classics with new Club Bangers and West- with Eastcoast to make every urban-lover happy.

His open mind to music leads to the fact, that he sometimes influence his dj-sets with an Mombatoon, Dancehall or Trap track. He has in general an open mind to music, which helps him to be creative and rock every crowd.

PJay just loves to be behind the turntables, play music and have a good time with the crowd.




Backstage Club, Zrce Beach, Croatia

Nordportal, Baden

LWB, Baden

Boiler Club, Aarau

Terminus Club, Olten

Vario Bar, Olten

Paraiba Bar & Club, Olten

Prison the Club, Olten

MaZZe Club, Olten

Galicia Bar, Olten

Darwins Social Club, Olten

Provisorium 8, Olten




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